A student stands in a river doing trash clean up


Why wait for graduation to start having an impact on the world?

The mission of Centre College is to prepare 学生 for lives of learning, 领导, 为全球社会服务.

在这里, community engagement is not just a one-time activity—it’s a way of life—an opportunity for the life-long integration of learning and service. You can work with and learn from trailblazers on the ground.

A large group of 学生 wearing stoles that say &2022年“邦纳&”;


“受教育的机会,服务的机会.” The good work of the Bonner Leaders and Scholars at Centre impacts the community through direct service and advocacy for policy change. The 邦纳程序 is a network of 学生 on campus (and thousands nationwide) dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving education through active community service and civic engagement.



Centre College 学生 have unprecedented opportunities to engage with the community in a hands-on, 多亏了CentreWorks实用的方式. 在CentreWorks, 学生, faculty and staff work alongside the community in projects focused on the roots of what makes for a healthy, 充满活力和包容性的社区.



社区-based learning is a part of our core curriculum and includes work outside the classroom, 社区视角的整合, and alignment between community and classroom learning. Recent Centre classes have included oral histories of the African-American community, Watershed studies and invasive species removal, and student engagement with art conservation.


Over 80% of Centre 学生 participate in community engagement. 想了解更多,请发邮件 communityengagement@randallmunsondesign.com 

在这里 are just a few of the many opportunities you might explore:

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service organization that sponsors such activities as Box Sleep-Out, 随机的善举, 和Adopt-A-Highway is a co-ed service organization that sponsors such activities as Box Sleep-Out, 随机的善举, 和Adopt-A-Highway.


Centre hosts regular on-campus blood drives to help community members donate to the Kentucky Blood Center.


The 深入丹维尔 orientation program introduces First-Year 学生 to all that downtown Danville has to offer. Students tour small businesses, non-profit organizations, and the local Farmer's Market. The program is designed to increase 学生' sense of belonging and connect them with the community they will call home for the next four years.


ESL after-school program is a student initiated and operated after-school program for children of local migrant families who use English as a second language.


食物回收网络 is a student-led movement fighting food waste and food insecurity in the United States. Centre's chapter partners with Parkhurst 餐厅 to turn surplus food into soup for Soup's On Us, a nonprofit food program serving people facing hunger in Danville. 


Greek organizations at Centre can be found helping in campus events and volunteering in Danville and the surrounding communities. 了解更多关于希腊生活的信息.


The only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service, volunteer at one of several local nonprofit community partners to honor the legacies of Martin Luther King, Jr. 和科蕾塔·斯科特·金. 


A week-long series of events to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness at the state, 国家, 在全球范围内. 学生可联络 communityengagement@randallmunsondesign.com 学习如何参与其中. 


The 服务委员会 convenes representatives from service-based student organizations monthly to encourage communication, 协作, and 领导 on campus and in the broader community. 欲了解更多信息,请联系 servicecouncil@randallmunsondesign.com